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6 Writing Prompts to Calm Your Mind

6 Writing Prompts to Calm Your Mind

  • “Think of a situation that makes you stressed, and write about it from the perspective of an animal who is also dealing with stressors in their life”
  • “Write yourself into being someone else”
  • “In five words or less describe your current mood”
  • “Describe how birds fly without any visible means for propulsion? What does this suggest to you?”
  • “Choose one word which best describes what’s happening around/within you right now (e.g., calm) then choose another word (“tired”) that contrasts with the first but still expresses part of your experience at present time…What do these two words tell us about where we are emotionally right now?”

1. What’s on my mind right now?

It is important to get the thoughts and information out of your head so you can feel less overwhelmed. While it’s still in your mind, there are too many competing ideas that could cause an overload. It can be helpful just to write down everything on paper for a few minutes before moving forward with different tasks or activities throughout the day. This gives us something concrete we can refer back to when necessary instead of trying our best to remember what was going through our heads at any given time earlier today or yesterday even if it seems unimportant now

2. What’s working well in your life right now?

When you name what you like about your life, it not only prompts appreciation for the good things in your life but also gives a general direction to strive towards.

3. What would my ideal life look and feel like?

Dreaming about your future can be a relaxing and insightful experience. Dreaming allows you to visualize changes that could lead towards personal improvement, which is the key in living a fulfilled life.

4. Choose three parts of your life you want to improve, and brainstorm SMART goals for each

If you’re having a bad day, take five minutes to write about what’s bothering you. Identifying the problem areas in your life and making plans that will address it can help make things better for yourself. The SMART goal method is great because these tangible goals are achievable thus setting up success for each one of them!

5. List out your three biggest obstacles (in life and/or at work) and write about how you worked through them

When hard times hit, it’s important to remember the challenges you have overcome.
This can provide motivation and reassurance that things will get better if you just keep trying your best.

6. I’m grateful for . . .

Studies show that thinking about the good things in your life every day can help you shift to a gratitude mindset. This, too, has been proven by research as being beneficial for general well-being!

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